Adopting a puppy doesn’t have to be scary

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Adopting a pet is an important decision. We are not just buying a cute animal because we like how it looks; we assume the responsibility to love, care for, and raise it.

Being a dog trainer at a pet store allows me to meet new pet owners every day, many of them being first-time pet parents sharing the same concerns and making similar mistakes.

I know that welcoming a new puppy home can be the happiest thing in life and, at the same time, the beginning of a huge challenge. …


Practicing safe encounters with dogs can help us encourage puppy social skills.

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Meeting a dog for the first time can be the most exciting event of any day. But having to ignore him because he is a working dog, is in training, or is too excited feels like a mortal sin for any pet lover.

I frequently encounter dog owners coming to the store to buy food, and they feel ashamed because their dog jumps on people to say hi to everyone they meet. For the pet lovers, this is something normal, and they aren't bothered with the dog's behavior. “It’s ok! …


How can we help them overcome fear?

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With the Fourth of July around the corner and the tropical storm season almost here, thunder and fireworks are of great concern among pet parents.

Every year, I hear pet owners who cannot enjoy holidays like New Year’s Eve or Independence Day because their pets are scared of fireworks. So many of them spend the night hidden in a bathroom with their dogs, trying to keep them calm.

First, we need to understand what is . Fear is a natural response to a stimulus and is a way of self-preservation. …

Tuesday: Fluid mind, steady heart

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Fluid mind, steady heart, so many things come to mind when I read these words. But there is one specific incident that keeps repeating in my head.

A few days ago, a friend came to me almost crying, asking me if she was a failure or a waste. The question left me speechless for a few seconds.

“Never!” I replied.

She recently got a new job after being unemployed for a long time. She started working part-time on a fast-food while she worked at home her business. …


Adolescence in dogs can be frustrating, but you can survive it.

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Most dog owners know that having a puppy is a full-time job and prepare for the normal behaviors puppies show while growing — potty training, obedience training, exercise, teething process, and so on.

But how many of you have experienced a step back in your puppy’s training and behavior after reaching around six months?

Many dog owners come to me frustrated at the beginning of an intermediate course or a few months after finishing puppy class. Their dog starts behaving more independently, stops listening, starts destructive behaviors, excessive barking, and starts ignoring known commands.

“My dog forgot all his training…

Monday: Chaos is fertile soil for creativity

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This has been a year full of challenges: many lost family members, friends, and jobs. The stress levels have risen, and mental health has known chaos. But not everything is negative. We have shown resilience and have proven that nothing will bring us down permanently.

“Be the One: Serve. In life, it’s not what happens to you, but what happens in you and through you that counts. When adversity visits your life, you have two choices: to be a victim or to be a victor.” — John Maxwell.

Oxford language defines resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties…

Wednesday: Unfreezing the body armor.

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There she was, in the same corner drinking her usual white mocha with peppermint with the faithful company of her AirPods and a new self-improvement book.

For the past three months, we have been sharing the same morning routine from opposite corners of the shop a hot cup of coffee and a book. I don’t even need my fingers to count the times we had any sort of eye contact.

She was a mystery to me, and every morning, I looked forward to watching her from the distance while drinking my coffee and tried to read my book, the same…

Tuesday: I am the captain, ship, and navigator of it all.

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Life is this individual journey in a crowded sea of people. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be a lonely adventure.

I’ve never have been a fan of the concept of fate or destiny as an unalterable law. I firmly believe we are born with the potential or the predestination to be or do anything we want.

Everyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer. The same goes for singing and other talents we may possess. Many people are born with these talents, and there’s where I believe the concept of fate resides. …

Monday: Bringing the unresolved, unmet & disowned back to the light of my awareness.

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Despite being social creatures, we humans are also lonely in other ways. We tend to keep our darkest fears and shame hidden deep inside us like a poison tearing us apart slowly if we leave them unchecked.

Often we hide our feelings and dreams to be compliant and considerate to others, not wanting to be a burden or feel pitted by the people we care about. We develop a people-pleasing personality that leads us to a fake sense of happiness.

We all have something we keep to ourselves, and it would be too painful or shameful to confess to others…


Learning doesn't have to be boring

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I have heard many people say dogs see their owners as their whole world. But have you ever asked yourself what it would be like seeing through a dog’s eyes?

Many people believe that dogs can’t see colors, but many studies indicate the contrary. Dogs can see color, just not the same way a person with normal vision does.

Recently I started a new dog training class where we teach dogs to recognize color by using the same toy in various colors. …

Wilfredo Resto

A dog trainer who loves writing, reading, self-development, leadership, animals, growth, and travel.

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