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For the past eleven weeks, I’ve been working with Max, a deaf golden retriever, and his owners (Let’s call them Sara and Luis), who also are deaf.

They noticed I unconsciously used some signs while teaching a puppy class and approached me to ask if I knew ASL (American Sign…

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Daily, life forces us to experience many scenarios that we can't control, the loss of a family member, friend, lover, unexpected illness, accident, or weather change.

In many ways, life surprises us every day.

Many define life as a constant trying to have a satisfying existence, to live and fulfill…

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Being an animal lover includes having a few gigabytes of memory in our devices dedicated to our loved pets. I don't know about you, but from my experience, every pet parent loves to talk about their pets, and almost any conversation leads to a slide show of pet pictures.


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Most days, I get clients searching for tools to help them stop unwanted behaviors in their pets (especially dogs). Some want to stop their dogs from pulling, excessive barking, destroying furniture, jumping on people, biting their fingers and feet, and the list goes on.

But in most cases, a simple…

Wilfredo Resto

A dog trainer who loves writing, reading, self-development, leadership, animals, growth, and travel.

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