We need to start letting our dogs be dogs

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For many of us (I hope the majority), our pets are part of the family. We care for them as much as we do for our children. Many dogs I know have better lifestyles than I have. …


Sometimes it takes a moment to change our perspective positively

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For the past eleven weeks, I’ve been working with Max, a deaf golden retriever, and his owners (Let’s call them Sara and Luis), who also are deaf.

They noticed I unconsciously used some signs while teaching a puppy class and approached me to ask if I knew ASL (American Sign…


Practicing safe encounters with dogs can help us encourage puppy social skills.

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Meeting a dog for the first time can be the most exciting event of any day. But having to ignore him because he is a working dog, is in training, or is too excited feels like a mortal sin for any pet lover.

I frequently encounter dog owners coming to…

This is how I promoted mindfulness and meta-awareness with my team

Team working on mindfulness and teamwork.
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“Be where you are; otherwise, you will miss your life.”

Siddhārtha Gautama

Have you ever got in your car to go to work and after you arrive or when you are almost there, ask yourself how in heaven I got here?

That moment of realization is what is called…

Learn to accept all blessings.

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Life lessons present to us every day in many forms; we have to pay attention.

I work at a retail store, and due to the pandemic, we are working at a 50% capacity. …


Many of our favorites foods can harm our fur-babies

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Recently I received an alarming call from one of my students. His Siberian Husky jumped on the counter and ate all his back pain medicine. She was in a coma for a few days, but fortunately, her owner took her to the veterinarian’s clinic on time.

Thankfully Betty was saved…


How can we help them overcome fear?

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With the Fourth of July around the corner and the tropical storm season almost here, thunder and fireworks are of great concern among pet parents.

Every year, I hear pet owners who cannot enjoy holidays like New Year’s Eve or Independence Day because their pets are scared of fireworks. …

Tuesday: Fluid mind, steady heart

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Fluid mind, steady heart, so many things come to mind when I read these words. But there is one specific incident that keeps repeating in my head.

A few days ago, a friend came to me almost crying, asking me if she was a failure or a waste. …


Adolescence in dogs can be frustrating, but you can survive it.

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Most dog owners know that having a puppy is a full-time job and prepare for the normal behaviors puppies show while growing — potty training, obedience training, exercise, teething process, and so on.

But how many of you have experienced a step back in your puppy’s training and behavior after…

Monday: Chaos is fertile soil for creativity

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This has been a year full of challenges: many lost family members, friends, and jobs. The stress levels have risen, and mental health has known chaos. But not everything is negative. We have shown resilience and have proven that nothing will bring us down permanently.

“Be the One: Serve. In…

Wilfredo Resto

A dog trainer who loves writing, reading, self-development, leadership, animals, growth, and travel.

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